Experience with side effects among users of injectables, the IUD, and oral contraceptive pills in four urban areas of Honduras


Author(s): Barden-O'Fallon J, Speizer I, Rodriguez F, Calix J

Year: 2009

Health Care Women Intern 2009. 30:475-483.
Contraceptive side effects are often the most commonly reported reason for method discontinuation, particularly of modern methods. We use data from eight focus groups and 800 exit interviews to examine women's experiences with contraceptive side effects in four urban areas of Honduras. Ease of treatment and differences in motivation to avoid pregnancy are suggested explanations for why side effects cause some women to continue and others to discontinue. Although side effects are a common reason for discontinuation in this population, less than half of the surveyed women were informed about potential side effects by a health worker on the day of the interview.

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