Building Leadership for Data Demand and Use: A Facilitator's Guide

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Year: 2013

Building Leadership for Data Demand and Use: A Facilitator's Guide Abstract:

This guide aims to provide the conceptual basis for leading data use within an organization or program, or at the national, state, or district level of government. It includes a variety of leadership, management, and data demand and use (DDU) tools created by MEASURE Evaluation partners to facilitate the sustainable use of data in decision making. The specific learning objectives are to:

  • raise awareness of the importance of data in decision making
  • define the role of leadership in promoting sustainable data use
  • build individual and team capacity to apply DDU concepts, approaches, and tools
  • promote and sustain them through strong leadership
  • develop and implement specific plans to overcome barriers to data use

The guide is for both experienced and novice workshop facilitators to use and learn from. It presents them with the foundations of a workshop, explains how to conduct all the necessary activities, and is designed to be easy to use and adaptable to suit the specific needs of various audiences.

Handouts and Slides

Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: The Case for Leadership and DDU

Session 2: Your Role as Leaders in Promoting Data Use

Session 3: Context of Decision Making

Session 4: Linking Data with Action

Session 5: Identifying Opportunities and Barriers for Improving Data Use

Session 6: Culture Change and Change Management

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