A Powerful Partnership: GIS and Sampling

Join MEASURE Evaluation for a webinar introducing the GIS and Sampling manual on May 21 2015, at 10am EDT.

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Join MEASURE Evaluation for a webinar introducing the GIS and Sampling manual on May 21, 2015, at 10am EDT. Authors Peter Lance, John Spencer, and Aiko Hattori will lead the one-hour webinar. 

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Many surveys are concerned with particular subpopulations. To cite a few examples:

  • A profile of human welfare in slums requires focus on slum populations;
  • Understanding a health challenge driven by environment requires focus on populations under environmental risk; and
  • Identifying the characteristics of recent migrants to urban areas necessarily involves samples of them.

A common challenge in such cases is efficient sampling. Traditional selection from conventional sampling frames often requires large samples with many selected units not in the subpopulation of interest, resulting in costly rounds of field identification of selected units from those subpopulations. Geographic information systems (GIS) offer a powerful tool for identifying subpopulations in advance, lowering tremendously the time and financial cost of surveys. The richest opportunities involve subpopulations that have a potentially predictable spatial distribution.

As the range of information linkable through GIS continues to grow exponentially, the power of GIS to identify and predict spatial patterns to subpopulations is also rapidly growing; what was not possible through GIS even a few years ago may well be so now. In this webinar, we will explore these amazing possibilities and introduce a new MEASURE Evaluation manual describing the application of GIS to sampling.

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When May 21, 2015
from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Where Webinar
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