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Connecting professionals around the world who are working to improve the use of data and information in informing health programs and policies

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One hundred and forty-six people from 24 countries came together in Arusha, Tanzania with an interest in strengthening the links between data and decision making.

MEASURE Evaluation, the Health Metrics Network, and the East, Central and Southern African Health Community co-organized From Data to Impact: Using Health Data for Results global symposium January 28-29, 2009 so that professionals could exchange successful experiences in improving health programs and policies through the use of quality health data and information. 

To continue the discussions begun during the global symposium, the Data Use Network (DataUseNet) was formed.

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To become part of a global network that connects health professionals working to improve the use of data, send an email to Leave the subject field blank and in the body of the message type ‘subscribe DataUseNet.’ For example: 





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