Jamaica National HIV/STI Programme: Monitoring and Evaluation System Operations Manual

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Year: 2009


Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is the backbone of public health systems for providing essential information and evidence regarding the best practices and lessons learned in health programmes. The Jamaica National HIV/STI Programme’s (NHP) M&E system collects high quality data, analyses that data to produce programme information and supporting evidence for decision-makers and stakeholders throughout the programme. The M&E system is described in two documents: the M&E Plan (Document A) and the M&E Operations Manual (Document B). They are fundamental follow-on documents to the National Strategic Plan (NSP). It is a companion document to the 2007-2012 National Strategic Plan (NSP); therefore, please refer to the NSP for detailed information on the programme’s specific objectives and interventions. This document is the M&E Operations Manual. This document complements the M&E Plan (Document A) by clearly detailing how each piece of the M&E system functions. Whereas the M&E Plan describes the overall M&E system and structural components (i.e., databases, indicators, etc.), the M&E Operations Manual provides specific national guidance on procedures, protocols, policies, roles, responsibilities, timelines and other implementation factors described in the M&E Plan. It also details the value of programme information for decision-making at the local, national and donor levels. It is important to note that the M&E Operations Manual was developed in collaboration with key stakeholders from across the HIV Response. The M&E Operations Manual is intended to be used by stakeholders at all levels that contribute to or participate in the national M&E system to ensure high quality data is reported and resulting information is received in a timely manner at all levels of programme implementation (i.e., facility, local, national and donor levels).

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