Toolkit for Implementing the Health Facility Registry in Nigeria

Toolkit for Implementing the Health Facility Registry in Nigeria

The Health Facility Registry (HFR) is a customized, open source, web-based application that allows users to access the Master Facility List (MFL): a list of all healthcare facilities, public and private, in Nigeria. In addition to government stakeholders who oversee facility management and the provision of healthcare services, other stakeholders who may want information from the MFL are the authorities responsible for budgeting and allocation, human resource managers, those overseeing supply chain management, insurance companies, researchers assessing health system performance, and donors planning coverage for public health interventions. The MFL system requires Internet connectivity to be accessed and is available to the public. 

MEASURE Evaluation, a project funded by the United States Agency for International Development and the United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, produced the tools presented here for anyone in Nigeria who wants to access the HFR, for public health authorities who will be granted administrative rights to the HFR, and for developers who will be responsible for maintaining the HFR in the future.

Implementing Nigeria’s Master Facility List:


Harmonization with the National Health Management Information System Facility List

Software Design of the Health Facility Registry

Manual for the Administration of the Health Facility Registry

Manual for Public Access to the Health Facility Registry

Heath Facility Registry Data Collection Form for Hospitals and Clinics

Results of User Acceptance Testing

Software Requirements Specifications

Standard Operating Procedures for Maintaining the Health Facility Registry

Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Master Facility Lists and Health Facility Registries in Nigeria

Phase A Training Slides

overview.JPGModule 1.1: Overview of Master Facility Lists in Nigeria

Module 1.2: Value of the Master Facility List

Module 1.3: Demonstration of the Health Facility Registry

Module 1.4: Vision for the Master Facility List

Module 1.5: Next Steps to Improve Master Facility List Data Quality

Module 2.1: Introduction to Health Facility Registry Data Collection Form

Module 2.2: Introduction to Global Positioning Systems

Phase B Training Slides

Phase B Slides.JPGModule 1.1: Review Action Plan

Module 1.2: Demonstration of the HFR Public Portal

Module 1.3: Introduction to the HFR Administration Module

Module 1.4: Roles and User Management

Module 2.1: Facilities Management

Module 2.2: Approval Workflows

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