Regional Workshop on M&E of HIV/AIDS Programs in Asia (English)

In collaboration with the Public Health Foundation of India.

This page contains course modules, handouts and other training materials from a workshop on monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programs that was implemented by MEASURE Evaluation and our regional partner at the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI)in February 2011. It was an international course that offered intensive training on the fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS programs. During the workshop, participants gained hands-on experience in designing monitoring and evaluation plans by doing exercises and working in small groups. These groups then presented the results of their projects during the final day of the workshop.

 The materials provided below include PowerPoint slides, course handouts, and group activities. This course was developed in collaboration with faculty from PHFI. The core modules for this workshop were created by MEASURE Evaluation staff, particularly Shelah Bloom, PhD as well as by Ruth Bessinger, PhD, an independent consultant for MEASURE Evaluation, who shaped and tailored the course modules in collaboration with our partners from PHFI. We also would like to thank other contributors for their help and guidance, both within MEASURE Evaluation and outside experts, too numerous to mention here.

All Materials


Workshop Agenda

Session 1: M&E Plans

Session 2: Frameworks and Indicators

Session 3: Routine Data and Systems Assessment

Session 4: Data Quality Assessment

Session 5: GIS and Research & Evaluation

Session 6: Gender and Surveys & Surveillance

Session 7: Data Use and Triangulation

Session 8: Strategic Information for MARPs

Session 9: Instructions for Participant Presentations



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