Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity Building Programs

These materials will guide you through the planning, lectures, and activities to conduct a M&E Capacity Strengthening workshop. This workshop is designed to be conducted over a five day period. Use the Facilitator's guide together with the PowerPoint files and Workshop Handouts documents.  The guide follows each session and offers a step-by-step description of the training process. 


Training objectives:

  • Summarize  M&E terminology and have a sound understanding of the differences between monitoring and evaluation.
  • Summarize how M&E data can be used for program planning, management, and improvement.
  • List program indicators and describe reporting requirements
  • Generate program-specific M&E plans, including program planning, program goals and objectives, an M&E results framework, program indicators, and data use.
  • Identify the five threats to data quality and methods to minimize and manage such threats.
  • Identify how M&E is used to manage and improve programs, beyond reporting and accountability.
  • List specific yet simple engagement strategies so that new found M&E enthusiasm, new ways of understanding M&E can be shared and continue to grow in your organization. 
  • Generate a plan for sharing information from this workshop with your program or organization.


Download all materials: Zip file


Download materials separately:

Facilitator's Guide


Powerpoint slides:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6-1

Module 6-2

Module 6-3

Module 7

Module 8

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