Hands-On Mapping Exercises (training materials)

Exercises which provide hands-on training in the use of hand-held GPS receivers, Google Earth, and QGIS.

These exercises provide a chance to put the principals learned in the previous material into practice.  They have been developed and tested for use in a number of hands-on GIS and mapping workshops, and all use readily available (and often free) software. 

The largest exercise, developed for a week-long workshop on the use of QGIS for mapping HIV/AIDS data, focuses on the use of QGIS, a free and open source, fully-functional GIS software package with a growing global presence.  It provides an introduction to the software, including how to download and install it properly.  It also teaches the user to format data properly to work within the program.

The GPS exercises introduce the user to 3 common GPS receivers, have them collect points, and open the resulting files in QGIS for viewing on a map.

The Google Earth exercises introduce the user to this free software and then show the user how to format data in Excel and display the points in Google Earth, using Google's up-to-date satellite imagery.

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