Data Analytics

MEASURE Evaluation Strategic Information for South Africa (MEval-SIFSA) was asked by the South African Government to determine if personnel in the health sector were sufficiently training in data analysis. The strategies were to assess capacity needs on data analysis, strengthen data use, and conduct selected data analysis in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, and North West provinces. The assessment found the majority of those who were assessed possessed skills below what were considered basic. The project then developed a data analysis course (“Data Analysis for Routine Health Data Manual”) to address this skills gap. Due to the early phasing-out of this activity in 2016, the project was unable to conduct any training using this manual. 

The project reviewed a previous curriculum and course evaluations from the Enhancing Strategic Information program and noted the skill gaps it had identified. We used that knowledge to revise the Evidence-Based Health Management curriculum and emphasised foundational data use topics and links to routine health information management data quality. The project used it to train 324 people over the project life. The project developed the Communicating Data for Decision Making (CD4DM) training workshop, based on gaps identified through the Data Demand, Quality, and Use facilitated self-assessment tool. The project held 11 of these training workshops from 2015–2016, with 288 people. The project also provided TA and mentorship to “data use champions,” who were influential individuals committed to improving data use, advocating for data use in decision making, and mentoring team members at lower levels.

The project also conducted data analyses for USAID and SAG: indicators for performance planning in Gauteng province, indicators for HIV programs in Limpopo province, and medium-term strategic framework indicators for DPME.

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