Demand and Readiness Tool for Assessing Data Sources in Health Information Systems (HIS DART)

Author:MEASURE Evaluation
Description:The purpose of the HIS DART is to guide HIS managers in a systematic review across the main HIS data sources that generate data needed to monitor the health system. The results are intended to inform stakeholders of (1) which data sources bear the highest demand for generating data; and (2) the performance of the data source to determine which data sources need to be strengthened. The HIS DART consists of a set of 12 HIS data source modules, with each module containing a questionnaire accompanied by detailed instructions, question by question, to help the administrator and respondents to elicit, convey, and record valid information.
      Assessment Purpose
    • Comprehensive assessment to inform national-level planning
      Health System Level
    • National
      Assessment Areas
    • Data sources
    • Data quality
      Primary Data Collection Method
    • Quantitative
      Other Criteria
    • Excel-based tool
    • Rapid assessment (can be completed in 1-2 days)
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