Health System Rapid Diagnostic Tool (RDT)

Author:FHI 360
Description:The Health System Rapid Diagnostic Tool (RDT) examines the links between the concrete problems in performance experienced at a subnational level and overarching health system issues. This assessment will result in a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses that stakeholders at national and subnational levels can address through health system strengthening interventions. The RDT includes an assessment section dedicated to HIS as part of the overall health system assessment. The RDT can be used to focus on particular levels of the health system, specific priority health outcomes, and different geographic locations.
      Assessment Purpose
    • Comprehensive assessment to inform national-level planning
    • Ad hoc or targeted assessment
      Health System Level
    • National
    • Subnational
    • Facility or community
      Assessment Areas
    • HIS governance and leadership
    • HIS management
    • Data sources
    • Data management
    • Information products and dissemination
    • Data quality
      Primary Data Collection Method
    • Mixed methods
      Other Criteria
    • Considers context
    • Considers gender
    • Includes action plan template
    • Rapid assessment (can be completed in 1-2 days)
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