SCORE for health data

Author:World Health Organization
Description:SCORE is a technical package of essential interventions, recommended actions, tools, and resources that aim to support countries in addressing challenges in meeting HIS needs. The package encourages national policymakers and development partners to invest in a select number of interventions and tools required to have the greatest impact on the quality, availability, analysis, use, and accessibility of data in countries. SCORE's five key strategies focus on the following areas: survey populations and health risks; count births, deaths, and causes of death; optimize health service data; review progress and performance; and enable data use for policy and action. The technical package is accompanied by an assessment tool designed to collect baseline information, target interventions, and track and monitor progress in country health information over time.
      Assessment Purpose
    • Comprehensive assessment to inform national-level planning
    • Routine monitoring
    • Ad hoc or targeted assessment
      Health System Level
    • National
      Assessment Areas
    • HIS governance and leadership
    • HIS management
    • Data sources
    • Data management
    • Information products and dissemination
      Primary Data Collection Method
    • Quantitative
      Other Criteria
    • Rapid assessment (can be completed in 1-2 days)
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