Data Quality Review (DQR)

Author:World Health Organization, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund), Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), MEASURE Evaluation
Description:The Data Quality Review (DQR) is a tool designed to examine data quality from different sources, over time, and across regions, and to verify that information is transmitted correctly across levels of reporting. The DQR assesses a core set of tracker indicators across multiple program areas to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders. Indicator data are assessed for completeness and accuracy against other data sources, both internal and external to the information system being evaluated. The DQR provides valuable information for health sector strategic planning and measures the capacity of a system to produce good-quality data. The DQR can be implemented in two formats: 1) The crosscutting DQR identifies errors in reporting and the plausibility of trends by using one core indicator per program area; and 2) the in-depth DQR measures multiple indicators, usually to emphasize a specific program area.
      Assessment Purpose
    • Comprehensive assessment to inform national-level planning
    • Routine monitoring
    • Ad hoc or targeted assessment
      Health System Level
    • National
    • Subnational
    • Data source-specific
      Assessment Areas
    • HIS management
    • Data sources
    • Data management
    • Information products and dissemination
    • Data quality
      Primary Data Collection Method
    • Mixed methods
      Other Criteria
    • Excel-based tool
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