Avian and Pandemic Influenza Monitoring and Evaluation

This training tool kit provides resources for building capacity in avian and pandemic influenza (API) monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The training recognizes the challenges in developing and implementing M&E systems for zoonotic diseases, such as avian influenza, that require the animal and human health sectors to work closely together to achieve important disease prevention and control goals. These training materials present fundamental M&E concepts with reference to API program components, indicators, and data sources.

The training was specifically designed to allow participants to:

  • define key monitoring and evaluation concepts and explain them to others
  • define and understand the components of a comprehensive avian and pandemic influenza control program and the components of a functional M&E system
  • understand M&E frameworks in relation to the national, subnational, and community-level avian influenza control programs
  • list available data from various information sources and how to facilitate the use of this information in their program
  • communicate effectively and use information for decision making in program planning, improvement, and in policy and advocacy
  • identify threats to data quality in an M&E system and develop a plan to manage these threats
  • engage a wider body of people in their places of work in participating in their M&E system

Training Components

Activity Handouts


Supplemental Material

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